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Got a call from my favorite model, Yuffiebunny, and it all turned into this awesomely frozen shoot up in Sussex for Steamwolf Symphony. The temperature was about 15 celcius, but you can’t tell from the fierce looks. Love working with this lady and meeting other creatives through her.


Just a little late posting this, I shot this in October. Love this woman and her voice. She opened for Marc Ribot, a really perfect opener for the quirky awesomeness of the main act.




I had the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles with Adam Bashian and his beautiful collection/living space (the space is available for film/tv/photo). It’s opportunities like these that I wait and hope for. I was able to gather some wonderful models (Yuffiebunny, Alex and Juli Abene) and request dresses from one of my favorite designers, Morrigan NYC. It’s always such a great feeling when everything comes together.

Morrigan NYC
Twin Bee: Modeling and Design



So, a lot of the time you see artists creating work from reference photos. This time around, I was approached to create a photograph from a reference painting. It was challenging and interesting working out the lighting and smoke. I shot this with fresnels, I couldn’t fit the strobe in the elevator roof. I think it would’ve been a bit more crisp with strobes, but I like how these came out.



Models are YuffieBunny, Jazzmin Jolly, and (Toshi Salvino the) Dollfille
A very busy day at Neil Van Niekerk’s studio photographing concept work by YuffieBunny, Toshi, and Jazzmin Jolly. This is a natural light photo, but we did a a large volume of work using Neil’s equipment. I have major gear envy.



Brushing up on my photoshop skills with some old photos. I shot the original against a white backdrop.


Underboss NYC

YuffieBunny Modeling

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