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Otakon 2010

Every year Baltimore gets to host a little event called Otakon.  Just imagine thousands of nerdy children, their parents, random hipsters and the occasional sane human converging at the giant glass walled  Baltimore convention center dressed in every imaginable costume from Japanese animation, popular science fiction, fantasy and video games.  It’s an insane amount of color, noise and BO.

This year featured quite a bit of Japanese fashion with the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show and the h.Naoto Runway Show & Panel.  The Lolita Show features work from local designers in North America.  I was asked to walk for Morrigan NYC.  I’m not a runway model, but luckily I can walk straight and keep my posture.  I didn’t faceplant into the floor and that’s good.

I think these types of conventions are great venues for budding photographers to work with natural light and also work on posing people.  There’s tons of folks walking around just waiting to get their picture taken.  As long as you’re polite, they’ll be polite and you may come out with some interesting stuff.  Even if you’re a sniper-photog with a long telephoto, the stuff that happens at these conventions won’t be replicated elsewhere and putting the photos together could make for a great story.

I had meant to take photos documenting what I did each day at the convention, but opted not to after a hectic press schedule.  I did catch one of the Twin Bee’s, a bit of the h.Naoto show, a Jasmine You (visual kei band Versailles) cosplayer and some other random cosplay stuff.

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