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Akanishi Jin @ Best Buy Theater NYC (Nov. 21, 2010)

I had to sign a contract to shoot this show.  It was one of those sneaky contracts that they whip out when you arrive at the venue and you mostly sign it cause you’ve already been PAID for the darn assignment and you gotta do it or try to explain to your editor how morally offended you were.  Luckily, this contract basically just locked me into selling the photos for editorial use only, meaning they didn’t want me going out there and selling bootleg posters and keychains with the photos.  I also got to shoot the whole show, but had to dodge around a video camera in the middle of the stage.  I’ve been noticing this more and more.  As video SLR’s become more popular, they’re being handled by folks who know less and less about where to set up said camera.  They usually plop their gear in the middle of the pit on a tripod.  It’s not like your traditional camera guy who usually sits the rig on his shoulder and gets his shots in to edit into a cool video later.  I respect those guys, they work hard at their craft.  Some of the video SLR shooters are just annoying, they set up their gear and leave it.  Then they wonder why their video looks like something I shot on my iPhone and their sound sucks balls.

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