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Monthly Archives: June, 2011

Favorites From Sixh – Animenext – June 11, 2011

These are my favorite shots from the Sixh show at Animenext.  I wonder if these are the same fashions from all their shows (they’ve been touring around America at Anime Conventions) or if they choose different ones for each show.  You can see all the pieces at www.purpleskymagazine.com

Favorite Shots – Head Kandi

These are my favorite so far from the Head Kandi shoot.  And I’m thinking more and more that wigs are pretty darn awesome.

Mix Speaker’s, Inc. at Anime Next – June 10, 2011

To be honest, all the songs blurred together.  But the stage show was pretty fucking fantastic.  The band was energetic (almost thought I was gonna get a foot in my lens) and the crowd was about as hardcore as you’re going to get for an anime convention (don’t shove meeeee, I have no deodorant on!).  There was […]

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