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Category Archives: landscape

Hong Kong 2014

The first thing that struck me when I exited the plane was how much Cantonese I still understood.  The conversations around me weren’t as foreign as I had imagined and I found myself naturally responding in Chinese.  And that’s kind of how the rest of my trip to Hong Kong went, a slow naturalization process […]

Bushkill Falls, PA

This is not your typical hike.  It’s private land, so there’s a $12.50 entrance fee.  There’s conveniences like bathrooms and shops and random benches on the hiking trails.  The plus is that there are really nice ramps and stairs that take you right up to the 9 falls at Bushkill.  I went at a slow […]

Hiking Western New Jersey

There was some light snowfall while I was hiking out past Sparta.  There were also lots of bear warning signs and one lone guy out camping.  He was driving an Audi, I would’ve camped in the Audi.

New Business Cards

I sketched a new mascot for Purple Penguin Productions and that means new business cards are needed!  Moo.com has neat rounded edge cards and you can do switch up the sample photo on the backside. This landscape is from the coast near Waimea Canyon on Kauai, HI.  We used a lot of Lee filters on […]

Kauai, HI

Just got back from Kauai, HI.  I almost didn’t come back.  There are a lot of chickens on the island, but the landscape is just unbelievably gorgeous.  I brought my Pentax 6×7 and let my little brother run free with a Panasonic LX7.  I almost drove into the ocean on the first night.  Don’t stay […]

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