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The Collector – Adam Bashian

I had the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles with Adam Bashian and his beautiful collection/living space (the space is available for film/tv/photo). It’s opportunities like these that I wait and hope for. I was able to gather some wonderful models (Yuffiebunny, Alex and Juli Abene) and request dresses from one of my favorite designers, […]

Sculptures by Adam Bashian

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to photograph these fantastical sculptures by Adam Bashian.  Alex from Twin Bee Modeling helped set the mood and model some editorial pieces.  All of the pieces shown are available for purchase. Adam Bashian Website – http://www.adambashian.com/Adam_Bashian/Home.html Twin Bee Modeling – http://twin-bee.net/

Kristin Costa “Monstrous” Fall/Winter 2011

NYC may be a big place, but it’s pretty weird how small the sub-cultures are.  I photographed the Kristin Costa show at INC Lounge this week, because my friend was modeling.  I recognized several of the other models from Steampunk conventions/events.  Shien Lee from Dances of Vice was also modeling and she perhaps best embodies […]

Dir en grey @ Nokia Theater Times Square

I got a little courageous with this show.  After the great stuff that came out of the 135mm F2 lens, I decided to try out the 85mm F1.2.  Results were pretty fantastic.  I didn’t chance it so much with Dir en grey; I switched back to my 24-70 a song in.  I did use the […]

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