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Morning Musume @ Best Buy Theater NYC (Oct. 5, 2014)

I haven’t photographed any Japanese musicians in about a year, so it was a pleasant surprise to get a phone call from an old friend about covering the Morning Musume concert in NYC.  You’ll most likely find the rest of the photos at RESONANCE Media.  Hopefully they’ll spread to other media/news sites from there.   […]

Otakon 2012 – Aya Hirano & VIXX

You can view the rest of the Aya Hirano photos at purple SKY. I always think the Sunday concert gets shafted as far as attendees (lots of people go home Sunday morning), but Aya Hirano’s show was a packed event.  Though she hasn’t released any music and has recently been dogged by scandal, she sounded […]

Berryz Kobo @ Anime Next

Berryz Kobo performed a concert at Anime Next this past weekend and were surprisingly entertaining.  I was hoping for at least one costume change and maybe something more interesting in terms of lighting or stage setup, but overall they played a good set for the limited space they had.  Their fans are quite devoted as […]

Akanishi Jin @ Best Buy Theater NYC (Nov. 21, 2010)

I had to sign a contract to shoot this show.  It was one of those sneaky contracts that they whip out when you arrive at the venue and you mostly sign it cause you’ve already been PAID for the darn assignment and you gotta do it or try to explain to your editor how morally […]

T.M. Revolution @ NY Comicon 2007

[Tearsheet] The Aquarian Weekly – Utada @ Irving Plaza

Polysics @ Gramercy Theater 2010

I love the Gramercy Theater. Someone smart designed the space with a floor that slopes down into the stage. There’s nothing obstructing your view from just about anywhere in the venue and the stage is nice and big. There’s seats for folks who don’t want to stand and plenty of floor space. It says there’s […]

Utada Hikaru @ Irving Plaza 2010

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