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[Concert] Guitar Wolf @ Santos Party House

Here’s my photos of Guitar Wolf at Prefix Magazine.  What a crazy band and PeelanderZ was a surprising and well placed opening act to get the crowd going crazy, moshing and stage diving.  Feel the sweat and the crazy! http://www.prefixmag.com/photos/guitar-wolf-santos-party-house-pics/

Tokyo Rebel Contest – Punk Lolita

Hindsight.  Whoever created that word is laughing real hard at the rest of the world that has to use it.  Looking back at the outfit put together for the punk version, I now notice that it’s not very top heavy.  I should have bangled her arm with chains and studs to balance out the fluffy […]

[tearsheet] Dropkick Murphys @ The Wellmont Theater NJ

Strung Out @ The Wellmont Theater NJ

My little brother introduced me to Strung Out with their album Twisted by Design.  We listened to it on repeat for 3 hours on a mad dash drive down to Baltimore in torrential rain and hyped on too much coffee.  Ever since, I have been hooked to the punk metal sound.  I’ve never seen them […]

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