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Morrigan NYC @ Neo-Victorian Fashion Show NYC

Official Morrigan NYC website – http://www.morrigannyc.com/content/Home.html

Head Kandi Accessories @ Dorian’s Parlor

Head Kandi offers unique/custom cyber falls made mostly from cyber lox, rex lace and foam.  They look really spectacular on the dance floor and you don’t need much to put them in (attach with stretchy ties and bobby pins).  I grabbed a silver/brown color combo awhile back for some gothic lolita/steampunk looks and it makes […]

Kristin Costa “Monstrous” Fall/Winter 2011

NYC may be a big place, but it’s pretty weird how small the sub-cultures are.  I photographed the Kristin Costa show at INC Lounge this week, because my friend was modeling.  I recognized several of the other models from Steampunk conventions/events.  Shien Lee from Dances of Vice was also modeling and she perhaps best embodies […]

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